Merck Limited

Merck Limited (formerly E. Merck Limited) was set up in India as Merck’s first Asian subsidiary in 1967.  The Company operates both its pharmaceuticals and chemicals businesses in the country.  Merck was also the first Merck Group Company to go public in the year 1981.  The Merck Group now holds 51.8% of the share capital in Merck Limited, while the remaining 48.2% is traded on the Bombay Stock Exchange Ltd. and National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.
Facts & Figures
Managing Director Dr. Claus-Dieter-Boedecker
Number of employees Nearly 1500 across the Corporate, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals businesses along with the Goa plant (as of June 2013)
Sales Rs. 6580.7 million (Jan-Dec 2012)
Major products - Pharmaceuticals Multi-vitamin products (Evion™, Neurobion, Polybion™), Cardio-vascular Care (Concor™), Metabolic disorders (Carbophage™), Haematinics (Livogen®) and Immuno-stimulator (ImmubronTM, Pedimune TM )
Major products – Consumer Health Care

Nasivion ® , SevenSeas Original ® , Maxepa ® , Electrobion ® , and Evion Cream ® .

Major products – Performance Materials

We offer effect pigments for paint, plastics, printing and coatings industries as well as for cosmetic applications and various active ingredients used in skin care and personal care products. We are a market leader in functional and pearl lustre effect pigments

Research & Development

Merck’s state-of-the-art Galenic and Analytical Development Laboratory in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra enables it to react faster to market demands, have better quality control and ensure world-class formulations by developing in-house various galenic forms like tablets, capsules, injections, syrups, dry powders, creams, etc.

Corporate Responsibility

One of the company’s key initiatives is the Merck India Charitable Trust Scholarship Programme, which was established in 2005 to encourage talented under-privileged students in India to pursue higher education.  The objective of the programme is to prevent them from dropping out of academics due to lack of resources, by sponsoring their key educational expenses for as long as they wish to study.  Following a contribution of INR 3 crores to the corpus, the Trust has financed the education of over 200 students since its inception.


 7th Floor, Shiv Sagar Estate ‘A’,Dr. Annie Besant Road,Worli, Mumbai – 400 018India
Tel.: +91 22 6660 9000
Fax: +91 22 2495 0307
CEO: Dr. Claus-Dieter-Boedecker, Managing Director, Merck Limited (India)
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Pioneering work for allergy patients

Whether allergies are due to heredity, environmental pollution or excessive hygiene, they are troublesome illnesses of the immune system whose effects should not be underestimated.

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Partnerships for better early diagnosis

Few people know the symptoms of a head and neck tumor. Merck is therefore supporting head and neck tumor awareness week again this year.

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Honeybees sweeten “Go Green” initiative

In the town of Aubonne on the north side of Lake Geneva in Switzerland, Merck Serono employees produce not only cutting-edge biotechnological medicines, but their own honey too.

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